• Every week, the integrator needs to collect excess feed from recently harvested houses due to over-delivery at the end of production
  • The cost of transporting the leftover feed between farms is $14 per ton, taking into account current gas and labor prices.
  • Growers cover equipment costs, while the integrator pays for the per-house software subscription
  • Reduced feed pickup generates a six-month payback period
  • The integrator plans to utilize Intelia’s weight prediction tool to produce in-range birds for fast-food clients
  • Additionally, remote supervision and climate management will improve bird health and prevent disease outbreaks.
  • To enhance their housing specifications, the integrator elected Intelia’s bin scales and farm monitoring system to its growers
  • The contract growers buy Intelia’s equipment, while the integrator covers the cost of software subscription to access real-time feed inventory and consumption
  • Farmers can accurately allocate feed and the integrator can track usage better, reducing leftover feed by using Intelia’s predictive models to estimate the appropriate amount of feed required at the end of production, improving delivery planning.