Often times, in the agricultural industry, live production is challenged by unpredictability, which is further aggravated by manual data collection and outdated information.
Intelia addresses these challenges through the Poultry Information Management System (PIMS), in collaboration with our partner. By forging these partnerships and adopting a collaborative approach to data acquisition and management, Intelia ensures that data is effectively utilized, regardless of its location. This approach empowers customers with flexible and always-relevant solutions that can adapt and evolve alongside their growth.


OptiRearing lets rearing farms receive information from Parent Stock and input data on their hens. The system generates a transparent benchmark for comparisons with previous flocks and other farms, with a personalized dashboard providing an overview.


Intelia’s PIMS offers a centralized overview of your poultry value chain, allowing for efficient planning, organized business processes, and informed decision-making to drive your business forward. By streamlining operations and enabling efficiency processes, PIMS generates significant cost savings, contributing to the overall financial success of your poultry business.

Can be accessed on any browser on all devices, as well as a mobile app.

Dashboards and flocks tools to register, compare and analyse technical results of production.

Financial tools to ensure correct order processing, planning and costing.

Instantly view pop-up alerts for quick anticipation and cost savings.

Enables paperless recording of vaccines, actions, tasks and all logistics transactions.

Benchmark tools to compare results.