• Mike runs a large farm with 22 chicken houses
  • His staff measures ammonia levels daily, recording them on paper
  • Intelia system revealed that ammonia levels were not within the recommended range, despite Mike’s belief that they were.
  • Mike’s reduced ammonia levels improved flock livability by 1.25%, increasing meat delivered to Allen Harim and revenue by $1,300 per house for a single winter flock
  • Healthier birds had a 50% lower condemnation rate at the processing plant, yielding more meat for Allen Harim.
  • Mike’s ammonia sensor package quickly detected dangerous ammonia levels in a winter flock
  • Compass revealed peak levels between 3am-6am, when chicken houses were unoccupied
  • Mike was unaware of this three-hour exposure to harmful ammonia levels, affecting bird health and weight gains
  • After using Intelia, Mike adjusted heat and ventilation settings to reduce ammonia levels in early morning hours.