An integrated data solution that provides real-time insights for informed decision-making.

Attention to detail is essential to successful poultry production.

Not all data is created equal.

Most live production operations generate detailed information about what’s going on. Every minute, key aspects of production are monitored and recorded. This creates tons of data, around the clock, all year long.

However, to be useful, the data must meet the following 4 essential characteristics.

Reliable and Accurate

You must trust the data if you are to base your decisions on it.


Your actions and decisions are time-sensitive. You need to rely on information that reflects the immediate situation.


A centralized database that makes farm information from all connected operations easily accessible to all users is essential.


Data must be prepared in a way that allows rapid identification of problems and leads to immediate action.

Enable live data flow from the farm to the rest of your production chain.

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