Intelia acquired a comprehensive understanding of the livestock farming process as well as the challenges faced by the producers

Determined to provide the livestock industry with smart production data

Intelia provides non-brand-specific, fully integrated digital solutions. We take care of everything, even when we interface with 3rd parties, so adopting these technologies is easy for any organization.

Based in Joliette, a short distance from Montreal – a thriving hub of artificial intelligence development – Intelia leverages the latest digital technologies and advanced analytics to interconnect farms to the rest of the livestock production chain, closing the information loop in real-time to support better decision making.

Our predictive models allow for a proactive management of the flocks to boost productivity and profitability.

Intelia provides a complete system, from the collection of the data all the way to the analytics, so you are never stuck with suppliers finger-pointing one another.

The commitment of our team is simple: we promise to deliver accurate data and valuable insight, in a timely and reliable fashion, with minimal involvement from your team.

Imagine smart, cutting-edge devices and sensors placed strategically in poultry farms, providing real-time data about the birds, their environment, and overall farm conditions. These innovative tools offer a high-quality data source, but thanks to our flexible approach, can be complemented by data from a variety of sources, such as controllers, manual entries, or automated imports from popular software suites. Once collected, this data will feed our system with crucial information for better decision-making without requiring technical expertise.

Our data integration platform is like the central hub that seamlessly collects all available data, regardless of its source, and turns it into actionable insights. It sorts, cleans, and organizes this data, making it easy to understand. Think of it as the translator that bridges the gap between complex data and meaningful, straightforward information.

The consolidated data can then be integrated into our business solutions, enabling customers to accelerate their continuous improvement process. Intelia has put the power of artificial intelligence to create predictive models that rely 100% on current data to predict future trends and issues on the farm. These autonomous models are so evolved that they do not require customers to supply their own historical data to access custom models, dashboards and reports. Imagine having a digital assistant that can foresee challenges and opportunities, helping poultry producers make decisions that boost efficiency and productivity.

Our management software serves as a control center, providing a holistic view of poultry production by integrating fragmented data and insights into a user-friendly format. Our collaborative approach ensures data is effectively utilized across platforms, empowering customers to identify improvement areas and make informed decisions to optimize production, reduce costs, and achieve success in the poultry industry.