Here Are Some of Our Current Customers


What Our Clients Say

Christophe Baril

“Of my three buildings, the one with Intelia bird scales is the most accurate in terms of predictions. In two years it has never been wrong. For the other buildings, I have to rely on my calculations, even if that means taking the net to weigh a few chickens, which puts unnecessary stress on the animals.”

Silke Schantz

“Using the 14-day bird weight prediction allowed us to have a 5-month payback on a 1.3M$ investment.”

Ethan Mitchell

“Thanks to Compass, I detected an outbreak of infectious laryngotracheitis in my flock 6 days before symptoms appeared. This early alert allowed for timely intervention, minimizing the spread of the illness and potential losses. Compass can truly make a critical difference in responding to such situations.”