Tailored Excellence for All

From independent growers to contract farmers operating small-scale operations.

For vertically or semi integrated companies whose operations covers multiple stages of poultry production & want to optimize production efficiency.

Processing plants that handle significant volumes or focus on specialized poultry products.

For feed mills of any size providing essential nutrition and nutritional services for livestock growth and performance.

Unlocking Agricultural Transformation:
Turning Data Challenges into Opportunities

We offer an end-to-end solution that delivers peace of mind by providing reliable and accurate data insights. With our expertise spanning both hardware and software aspects of digitalization, we ensure that you harness the full potential of your data. As McKinsey highlights, today’s challenge isn’t the abundance of data but the ability to find and add value wherever it resides, and that’s where we excel.


Our Flagship Products

Precision Livestock Farming

A data solution including a complete suite of specialized mobile apps and our renowned Compass software.

Information Management System

Our most complete software package for integrated poultry companies, covering every link of the poultry value chain.

IoT, Sensors, Gateways & Communication Devices

A range of poultry-specific products that can be used independently or as part of Intelia solutions.


A wide range of affordable products to control your production environment – dairy, swine or poultry.

Interconnecting Poultry Data Silos into a Collaborative Ecosystem

Empowering livestock producers with user-friendly apps and digitization solutions. Enjoyable data collection, effortless entry, instant value enhancement. Streamline operations with paperless workflows, automated reporting, and data-driven insights. Our sector-focused approach ensures tailored solutions, capturing extensive data for deeper insights.

Plan tasks, optimize production, reduce waste, and monitor bird health and productivity with accurate data.

Optimize outcomes in livability, weight gain & feed conversion. Forecast harvest to align with plant needs.

Monitor birds individually for improved conversion ratio and quality, while optimizing egg forecasts.

Gain end-to-end control, enhance performance metrics, and achieve accurate breeder operation forecasts.

Control egg inventory throughout the process, revealing factors affecting hatchability and chick quality.

Connect flock performance to nutrition, forecast orders and track costs and quality across the feed production journey.

Align supply with demand effectively and improve visibility to streamline resources and production.

Optimize broiler parts for slaughterhouses, maximizing value based on weight and profitability.

Enhance food industry compliance by storing inspection results to improve analysis and scheduling.

Data With Purpose

We’re not data hoarders. We focus on delivering actionable insights, not just raw data. Our unique approach brings true value to your collected information. We leverage cutting-edge machine learning to tackle your most complex production challenges, prioritizing practical applications and real-world results over theoretical exercises.

Data for actionable insights, not data’s sake

Applying machine learning to solve real production issues

Uniquely adding value to your collected data

Focused on practical, transferable value, not academic theories