Empowering Insights Just For You

With Compass as the central hub, our solution seamlessly collects data from previously siloed sources: be it through sensor-based inputs, manual entries, or automated imports from popular software suites such as ERP systems. This consolidated data can then be effortlessly integrated into personalized dashboards and comprehensive reports, empowering you with actionable insights at your fingertips.

Our 14-day bird weight prediction model ensures accurate inventory tracking, while the Schedule Planner creates optimized haul schedules based on your specific bird characteristics like age, category, or target weight. The system will use the forecasted weight and mortality to adjust the
resulting outcome for the processing plant. 

To meet operational needs, a custom dashboard was created using the report tool. The dashboard presents informa- tion by sex, enabling easy assessment of current and past weight variations and helps the customer decide the optimal feeding schedule for the upcoming week based on previous average weight and gains.

This type of report serves as a powerful tool for assessing a producer’s performance across various poultry flocks. This approach allows for the identification of areas with room for improvement, regardless of whether the performance is excellent or subpar. By accumulating and analyzing this performance data over time, the processing plant can offer more tailored and effective guidance and support to producers, fostering continuous enhancement in the poultry production process.