Sensors play a crucial role in precision farming by efficiently capturing vital data required for comprehensive analysis.

Intelia’s data collection solutions rely on essential livestock specific sensors, which play a crucial role in digitization. When third-party sensors are used, Intelia ensures their smooth integration by thoroughly qualifying them, allowing for seamless collaboration within the Compass Platform. Efficient data collection is ensured by Intelia’s gateways, regardless of the source, whether it be third-party controllers and sensors or Intelia’s own IoTs.

The collected data is then processed and analyzed using Intelia’s powerful analytics platform, Compass, which employs advanced predictive analytics and AI tools to provide producers with valuable insights and actionable information.

Wireless Sensors


  • Provide greater flexibility in terms of sensor placement, allowing for easy reconfiguration or expansion as needed.
  • Can be readily scaled up or down to accommodate changing farm requirements, different farm sizes or layouts.
  • Can be installed without the need for complex services, saving time and effort.
  • Mitigate data interruption risks caused by rodents or accidental wire pulls.

Wired Sensors


  • Offer a more permanent solution, providing consistent and reliable data collection without the need for battery maintenance.
  • Remain unaffected by Wi-Fi network configuration issues, ensuring continuous data transmission.
  • Generally more robust and resistant to environmental factors, making them suitable for harsh farm conditions.

Water Meter

Monitoring water usage in real-time is a good indicator of bird health and welfare.

Feed Bin Scales

Precise measurement of feed bin weight to monitor consumption and fill levels.

Bird Scales

Most accurate weighing system for precise monitoring of bird growth & uniformity.

Static Pressure

Monitoring static pressure is important to ensure proper ventilation and air quality.

Relative Humidity

Humidity sensor provide valuable information for bird health and welfare.

Carbon Monoxide & Dioxide

CO/CO2 sensors provide important information for bird welfare.


Monitoring ammonia levels has a significant impact on bird health and weight gain.

Third-party or Intelia Gateways

Gateways are where all the data from sensors is aggregated, sampled and locally stored before being sent to the COMPASS platform.

Third-party or Intelia Controller

Compatible controllers installed in houses can become a source of data by connecting with COMPASS via API service.

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