why use data

Better information leads to better decisions.

Producers need a system that will automate data collection and filing, while performing advanced analytics on this
information so they can focus on making timely decisions and acting proactively to optimize production.

Data-powered insight
& predictive models

COMPASS will crunch the collected data, connecting all the dots between every aspect of live production,
and delivering data-powered insight that helps growers take action
based on skills, knowledge and well informed judgment.

COMPASS displays exactly what is going on now, as well as what could happen in the future, in fresh,
nuggets of information that support better decision making. With these tools, the growers can get the flock
where it
needs to be and ensure performance expectations are met.

Transition to a digital way of managing live production

In every sector of business, organizations are embracing digital technology to replace the physical
collection of information and the human analysis required to make sense of it. To remain competitive in
today’s fast-paced economy, they must be agile, quickly identifying issues and promptly acting to resolve
them. Going digital allows for the increased productivity and greater cost efficiency needed to remain a

Poultry producers are facing several challenges that impact their productivity.

  • Consumers demands put additional pressures on production costs and sometimes require spending resources
    on new tools and house amenities or adopting new protocols, to ensure the birds meet the required
  • Rising production costs and the fluctuations of retail chicken meat prices force producers to be
    creative in maintaining and improving profitability. Every fraction of a penny counts and identifying
    ways to optimize cost is essential to that.
  • Labor issues, whether the difficulty lies in finding it or its skill level when it comes to chicken
    production, means remote monitoring and supervision are becoming critical to meeting production goals.

Overcoming these challenges and still reaching the goal of healthy birds requires a greater level of
attention to details today than 10 years ago. Labor needs to spend more time in true animal husbandry tasks,
that have a direct impact on bird health, while digital technology can take care of low value tasks, like
monitoring bin levels.

The context of poultry production has changed. It’s time for a smarter way to grow

COMPASS Farm Data Management system

It helps producers tackle these challenges. Since everything starts at the farm,
it stands to become the foundation of the digitalization of whole production chain.


All data, from all the farms, is aggregated in a single platform, accessible to all users on any
internet connected device, either through the web portal or a mobile app.


Backed by artificial intelligence, COMPASS predicts performance on key metrics and detect deviations
earlier than with traditional supervision models.

Real time

Reporting in real-time, tools allow users to quickly identify flocks that are not performing optimally
and take actions based on up-to-date information.


Monitor production as it happens. Access all the information remotely to ensure growers and farm staff
are aligned on priorities.


Reduce the unpredictability of live operations by accessing reliable data, free from any manual entry
error, and base decisions on valid information.

Best practices

Monitor the application of best practices across the whole organization. Optimize for efficiency to
improve outcome and profitability.

Interested in finding how Compass could help you increase YOUR own profitability?

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