How we do it

Fully integrated and non-brand specific

COMPASS is the only farm data management system that is fully integrated, from the data
collection at the farm
all the way to advanced analytics. Intelia provides species-specific sensors to feed into its predictive
analytics and artificial intelligence tools to deliver actionable insight to poultry producers.

A 5-step Process : from capturing data to presenting key performance indicators

Collect data through IoT devices & sensors

At this step, a wide range of services are offered to poultry producers, from harvesting data from new
specialized sensors, existing on-farm sensors and even some compatible control systems, to enable
powerful and complete data collection, remote diagnostics and programming.

Scrubbing & sending the data

The FarmHub system is where all the data from sensors is aggregated, sampled and locally stored before
being sent to the COMPASS web platform. Farmers use a touchscreen interface to configure, visualize and
input relevant measures, such as mortality, in real time.

Sorting & Archiving Data

The data transmitted by the FarmHub is sorted, categorized and stored in secured cloud-based databases,
on shared or private servers, to optimize the data collection. From there, the raw information is sent
to Intelia’s COMPASS Data Management Software where it can be visualized in tables, dashboards and
graphs from any web-enabled device, through a web portal or the mobile app.

Augmenting the data with artificial intelligence tools

Computers analyze massive amounts of data to identify patterns and predict outcomes more quickly and
accurately than human minds can. Intelia’s team of data scientist is working with animal science experts
to infuse specific knowledge into the data and develop predictive models and anomaly detection
algorithms. From this, the system will generate predictions for quick deviation detection that support
better decision-making.

Presenting the KPIs

Through the secured COMPASS platform, KPIs and measurements can be customized into graphics, dashboards
and reports. There are three major data presentation methods : per growing unit (house) with sortable
indicators, per location on a map view and through a detailed growing unit view with benchmarking and
predictive tools.

Real-time indicators to make better decisions

By providing real-time information and data analytics on what is happening in the chicken growing units,
Intelia helps growers and integrators make better decisions that result in a lower cost per pound of meat

Having 24/7 visibility at the farm, even in time of lockdown or biosecurity situations, is a
better way to ensure goals are reached, no matter what the circumstances are.

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