Bird Scales

Accurate Scale Data Enables Better Growth and Uniformity Decisions

Measuring the average body weight and uniformity is crucial for poultry flock management. Intelia’s bird scale offers accurate real-time weighing to detect deviations from standard growth curves. With a 97% precision rate, our system automatically records and optimizes average weights, daily weight gains and standard deviation, enabling effective yield tracking and target achievement. By using bird scales, you can gain valuable insights into your flock’s growth patterns and make informed decisions.

Predicting Flock Outcome through Daily Weights and Rolling Average

The Intelia scale boasts a high level of accuracy and superior sampling capabilities, allowing for precise daily weight measurements and accurate predictions of a flock’s evolution over the next 14 days. Continuously updated based on house conditions and bird health, the rolling predicted average weight empowers producers to make informed decisions about flock management, such as adjusting lighting or feeding schedules, to optimize growth and health outcomes.


Precise sensors are the building blocks of data collection. Accurate data is necessary for efficient flock management and prediction.

Real-time bird weight

While the manual weighing of birds gives you a weekly opportunity to improve the growth curve, Intelia’s automated weighing system offers real-time bird weight data, swiftly detecting anomalies and multiplying the occasions for adjustments.


A part of Intelia’s predictive algorithm, powered by artificial intelligence, runs in the data logger of the scale. Even as a standalone equipment, it offers valuable insight with daily predictions over the next 14 days.

Weight management tool

The Intelia bird scale automatically weighs, records and performs all statistical calculations needed to optimize the weight control of your flock.​

Compass compatible

See flock uniformity, daily growth, and weight forecasts updated every 15 minutes, showing time to target weight. Use connected sensors such as water or feed intake to analyze data and benchmark results.

A Single Data Logger For Up to Six Scales

A single logger can manage up to six scales independently, making it ideal for divided or multi-storied chicken houses.

Weight Control at End of Flock

Having the precise knowledge of the average weight combined with the ability to predict that weight over 14 days, allows the producer to accurately adjust the feed and lighting management to ensure target weight is reached on time.

Intelia’s Scale Accuracy

Our scale can detect weight changes as birds move on and off the plate, allowing for the measurement of thousands of weight variations each day. Unlike other methods, this algorithm does not require a standard curve for comparison, eliminating the need for an acceptable error range. The result is an accurate average weight that reflects the current flock.

A Tried and Tested Product

Christophe Baril, Broiler producer

“Of my three buildings, the one with Intelia bird scales is the most accurate in terms of predictions. In two years it has never been wrong. For the other buildings, I have to rely on my calculations, even if that means taking the net to weigh a few chickens, which puts unnecessary stress on the animals.”

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