Bin Scales

Feed constitutes 65% of live production cost

Improving feed management is critical to reducing costs in poultry production. Bin scales are an important tool for optimizing this process. In fact, they are the only sensor accurate enough to determine the feed consumption of an individual bird, not just the entire flock. With this accurate data, you can make informed decisions about your flock management, reduce waste and avoid overfeeding, resulting in significant cost savings.


The Intelia Feed Bin Scale product line includes several options, to make the system as simple as a standalone feed bin scale and as extensive as a true feed management system. When connected to Compass Farm Data Management Software, they allow you to take control of your feed, wherever you are.

Load Cell

Load Cell

Robust – custom design

Ease of installation on new or existing feed bins – no concrete drilling

Integral lifting system

Built-in compensation against wind-induced vibrations and temperature fluctuations

Capacity of 10,000lbs per load cell/leg

Built-in lightning protection.

Bin Indicator

Bin Indicator

Displays feed level and inventory in real time

Large numeric, easy to read display

Simple calibration process

Can be installed inside/outside

Can display the inventory of up to 4 near-by feed bins per bin indicator.



Connection of up to 4 feed bins and display of additional feed-related data: Feed level, daily consumption and feed inventory history

With the optional cellular package, FarmHub can transmit data to Compass Farm Management Software

The hub is ready to receive other sensors.

All of our bin scale equipment is:

Simple and user friendly

Low maintenance, easy to calibrate, 5-year warranty on mechanical parts, 2-year on electronic and 1-year against lightning (properly grounded bin).

Easy to install

The Intelia feed bin scale does not require lifting the bins or drilling concrete. This can save up to 50% in installation time/cost!


Patented load cell configuration, installation and lifting system.

Easy to retrofit*

Available for the common “W-shaped” leg profile found on poultry farms, for 4, 6 or 8 leg bins. *On most feed bins.

The Right System for Everyone

Load Cell

Feed Mill


Optimize feed mill production, scheduling and delivery

Eliminate feed outages and out of sequence feed deliveries

Advanced planning for inclement weather and other disruptions

Reduce the amount of haulbacks and end-of-flock feed transfer.

Bin Indicator



Track feed intake and feed history

No more bin climbing with inherent risk

No more “Mallet” work or guestimation

Eliminate feed outages and subsequent negative impact of growth performance.




All the benefits of the Feed Mill with the ability to add additional sensors and cross analyze for more insight

Improve bird weight forecasting

Keep flock advisors focused on animal husbandry instead of managing feed.

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