About Us

Using technology and advanced analytics to help livestock growers optimize production.

Based in Joliette, a short distance from Montreal – a thriving hub of artificial
intelligence development –
Intelia leverages the latest digital technologies and advanced analytics to interconnect farms to the rest
of the livestock production chain, closing the information loop in real-time to support better decision

Our predictive models allow for a proactive management of the flocks to boost productivity and

Intelia provides a complete system, from the collection of the data all the way to the
analytics, so you are
never stuck with suppliers finger-pointing one another.

The commitment of our team is simple: we promise to deliver accurate data and valuable insight, in a timely and
reliable fashion, with minimal involvement from your team.


Founded in 1999, Intelia has a rich experience in electronic design and manufacturing for a wide variety
industries. It has developed over 300 different products sold under private labels, before focusing its
efforts to the
agricultural sector in 2006 by developing its own brand of climate controllers for livestock buildings.

Cloud – Based
data management

This journey led
the company to embrace precision livestock management in 2016 as a way to deliver superior value to
producers and as a
response to global agricultural challenges. Being visionary in how digital technologies could shape the
future of
livestock, it was one of the very first company to educate the industry on the power of Big Data, advanced
analytics and
artificial intelligence at the farm level. Leveraging on its experience and expertise, it created an
integrated solution
that automates analysis and aims to deliver insight that leads to proactive management of the live

A.I Powered
Predictive Analtics

The COMPASS software platform was launched in January 2017 along with the first broiler chicken weight
prediction model.
Since then, the company has launched several other predictive models, enriched through machine learning
and other
artificial intelligence tools, like anomaly detection. A mobile application completes the data solution

Today, the company is present across North America, helping major meat producers transition
to a more digital way of managing their livestock production.

Our Vision

To digitally revolutionize how the livestock industry feeds our world.

Our Mission

To provide digital solutions that connect livestock value chain players and empowers them with
real-time, actionable insight that fosters sustainable production.

Our Values

These values guide the way we do business and are the compass with which we make decisions and take actions.

  • We are UNITED towards customers’, stakeholders’, and employees’ successes.
  • We behave with INTEGRITY and RESPECT.
  • We COMMIT to always deliver results.
  • We innovate with BOLDNESS.
  • We conduct our business as OWNERS.
  • We are AGILE in everything we do.

© Intelia

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